FOXFIRE FARM BOTANICAL GARDENS is a nature lover's and gardener's paradise.  Situated on approximately 10 acres of wooded and landscaped countryside outside of Algonac, Michigan (in Clay Township) these gardens have been the result of a passion for rare and unusual plants and a never-ending vision of ways to share the enjoyment of plants and the natural world with visitors to the gardens.
   The Gardens are divided into many different theme areas, including, but not limited to, an extensive herb garden, a dye garden, a butterfly garden, a biblical garden, a woodland plant area, a hosta walk, spring bulb displays, a color garden, a tea garden, a Native American garden, plants for fragrance, a bee garden, a children's garden and much, much more.  Over 350 fruiting trees and bushes accent the property such as apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, grapes, cherries and plums.  What sets Foxfire Farm apart from the traditional orchard is the tremendous variety of unusual fruits that are also grown: medlars, quince, currants, paw paws, black apricots, plumcots, apriums, serviceberries, and over 150 more!
   Over 1500 varieties of perennial flowers, many grown from seeds gathered from all over the world, provide a constant but ever-changing rainbow of color.  All 3500 varieties of plants are labeled for easy identification.  A small fee is charged to help with the maintenance of the gardens for the visitor's viewing pleasure.
   A half-acre pond teems with natural wildlife - fish, turtles, birds, frogs, insects, and small mammals.  Even an occasional deer can be seen stopping for a drink in early morning or at dusk.  There are many different places for a visitor to stop, sit, and soak in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. The gardens are truly a feast for all of the senses.
   On the property are also many historical buildings that have been moved and relocated from farms across the county, including 2 corncribs, a drying barn, outhouses, a maple sugar building, a 1930's glass and cypress greenhouse (where perennial flowers, herbs, annuals, hanging baskets, flowering shrubs, evergreens and seasonal flowers and plants are sold).  A bottle house with dozens of antique bottles found when excavating the farm are on display.   Antique farm implements accent many of the garden areas.  Throughout the year, classes are offered in many areas of gardening and herbal crafts.  The gardens have been the location of many weddings, parties, photos and picnics.  For pricing on the rental of the gardens for any occasion, call (810) 794-5108.
   Come and spend a relaxing day enjoying the beauty of the plant and natural world.  Take home a reminder of the simplier life.  Be a part of our dream!


Open 7 days a week, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Tickets must be purchased before touring Gardens.  Tickets are available only at Foxfire Farm Country Store and Floral Shop at 8061 Marsh Rd. in Algonac.  The Gardens are located two miles south of the store, on the corner of Marsh and Jankow Roads.  NO TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AT THE GARDENS!

$5.00 per adult, children under 15 free, when accompanied by a paying adult.

School groups, Garden Clubs, Scouting Groups, Organizations, etc. may arrange to tour the Gardens.  Guided tours as well as workshops can be arranged.  Call 810 794-5108 for more information.

Weddings and Private Parties:
Gardens can be rented out for private functions.  Call for details.

We apologize, but the Gardens are CLOSED FOR THE 2012 for renovations.       We will reopen in the near future!